18. March 2018


Are you relocating from Serbia to Germany, Austria, England, Norway or France and you do not know who to contact or ask for help? Judo Trans is a moving company that is able to organize complete relocation from Serbia for any destination in Europe at the best price in the market. In Serbia, there are currently hundreds of companies that offer the services of moving and transporting furniture and personal items. However, only Judo Trans owns its own fleet and does not use other another companies to carry out relocation to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Denmark or Sweden. In this, our advantage is in relation to all other companies and agencies that deal with moving from Serbia. We use our human resources for packing furniture, our vehicles for transporting furniture and personal items, with which we automatically eliminate every problem in communication with the client. We offer a complete organization of relocation for any destination. We reserve parking spaces in front of any address in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, England or Sweden. We are presenting you with a customs authority throughout Europe and Serbia, we shorten your time and money by doing everything for you without any compensation. We give free advice on your preparation for moving from Serbia and vice versa. Through our insurance agent we offer complete furniture insurance during transport, loading and unloading. When we talk about moving from Serbia, it's a very complex business, our clients want to transport their pictures, books and other things that require special permits and certificates from the Ministry of Culture and Education. Judo Trans presents its clients in front of all institutions and with that service we save a lot of time and money because we know all procedures from beginning to end. Send us a request for your relocation from Serbia abroad and within 30 minutes you will receive a response from our team.