Our first activity in international transport was transport of textile products and hanging garments. In the very beginning we start to invest slowly in the BOX trucks and vans and equipment for transport of textile and hanging garments products. The biggest producers of clothes and textiles entrusted their business to us. With our transport service they closed completely producing and delivery of their products to the final customers in Germany, Austria, France, England and Spain. Serbia and Macedonia at this moment are the biggest producers of textile and garments in whole Europe. All German suppliers arranged companies from Serbia and Macedonia for their products. With 5 major contracts we have trucks with weekly runs from Serbia and Macedonia to Germany and Italy as well. From Macedonia we do twice weekly loads of hanging garments to France and Germany. From Serbia we go four times weekly transports to Italy, Germany and France. We do transport of textile to Poland, Belgium and The Netherlands. Many producers of thread, yarn and other textile products working with us. We do transport of yarn from Poland to Serbia and Macedonia. Many yarn producers from Germany send their products to factories in Serbia. When the product is finished, we load their yarn back in our trucks and bring the finished material back to Germany. We provide all custom work for goods in transport. That makes our clients confident and satisfied in each point.

Send us request for your yarn and textile products and we will provide the best transport offer for you.