First begging of international transport we start in july 2006. With just 2 trucks we start to providing small service of transport from Serbia and Macedonia to Germany. In that begging our customers was only forwarding agents. Latter, with more investments in trucks and vans we start to work directly for producers and distributers all around Europe. In 2009 we start to participate more and more in the removals to and from Serbia. After 7 years of hard working, Judo Trans become one of the best companies in removal and relocation business in central and south-east Europe. Nowday, we have number of 20 trucks and vans in our company daily running between Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, France, Belgium, Holland, UK, R.of Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Norway. We have our own repair service and more than 10 people beside truck drivers. Our logistic team of 5 members is always at your disposal from monday to saturday 7am till 9 pm. Every year our company is growing slowly with the number of clients and employers.

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