After 10 years in transport business, Judo trans is now able to connect any part of Europe to another. We are making all kinds of transport to following countries:

Austria - Hungary - France - Republic of Ireland - England - Scotland - Germany - UK- Switzerland - Poland - Czech Republic - Belgium - Holland - Norway - Denmark - Sweden - Spain - Finland - Italy - Serbia - Slovenia - Slovakia - Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Albania - Macedonia - Montenegro - Portugal - Turkey - Russia - Estonia - Bulgaria - Romania - Luxembourg 

We have weekly trucks in Germany,England, France, Belgium, Holland,Serbia,Croatia,Austria,Switzerland.

With our express, dedicated, FTL and LTL loads we connect the biggest industrial centers such as: Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, Paris, Lyon, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade and Zagreb.

Beside this main transport destinations we are well known in transport to very far destinations in Europe such as: Portugal, Gibraltar, Scotland, North Ireland, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Norway, Finland, Sweden.


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Transport of commercial goods and removals to Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland is our main activity. We are offering transport and logistic solution in all options. Part load to Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg is the cheapest and fastes transport solution for all our customers who trade in complete Benelux. We have also option for transport of complete loads in full trailers and semi trailers. Our express transport lines in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg are the fastes options for any kind of dedicated option. We are connecting all cities in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg to Germany, Hungary, Croatia, UK, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and many more around Europe. We do transport to Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Den Hague, Antwerpen, Brussels, Gent, Genk, Luxembourg, Utrecht, Breda, Groningen, Venlo, Hasselt and Ostend. The best solution for transport to Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia are performed by our own vehicles and logistics. Try our transport solution from Belgium and Holland now !


Transport of goods to and from Scandinavia countries has always been an challenge for any for any logistics and transport company. Judo Trans spend years gaining confidential clientele in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Today we are able to provide a complete logistics support to Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Collecting part load goods, storage in our ware houses, import and export custom work in Sweden,Norway and Denmark are now our routine. We are making transport to all major cities in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. We do cargo to Malmo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Brandy, Svinesund, Aarhus, Kalmar, Oslo, Bergen, Alborg, Jonkoping, Kristiansand, and Odense. Send us offer and get the best possible price for Scandinavia