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Best truck transport service to all destinations in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia 




 Judo Trans main activity in recent years is full truck loads (FTL ). We are finding transport solutions for all clients across Europe. With our trucks and trucks from our partners we can connect any part of Europe to another. Beside our standard full trucks, we can offer, trailers, semi-trailers, mega trucks, frigo trucks and many more. All FTL trucks have space for 33 euro pallets. Our main relations for international transport are between England, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republik, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Serbia, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. All our truck for international transport of cargo posses EU license's and CEMPT's. We do transport to UK, transport to Germany, transport to Switzerland but main transport solutions we make to countries in Balkan aria, transport to Serbia, transport to Croatia, transport to Macedonia and transport to Albania are our speciality. Send us request for your transport solution and you will have answer within 10 minutes from our side!