We are offering huge specter of transport services



Industry in Europe every year is growing up. Specially in countries in Balkan aria such as Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia and Macedonia. Big producers of food, furniture, commercial goods and many other products are going step further with investing in this part of Europe. They have good reason for that, cheap man power, high quality of man power, good infrastructure and close distance to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, France, UK and other countries in west Europe. Definitely the best industry who is working now is car industry. We are making a huge numbers of transportation for automotive industry in France, Italy, Germany, UK, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia. Beside transport in automotive industry, we are making a lot of transportation of hanging garments and textile products from Serbia and Macedonia to Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, Italy and Spain. There is a big competition in transport industry, a lot of new and old companies are investing more and more in car park and drivers. We are investing a lot of in our car park but also in manpower and logistics. We provide all kinds of transport options for our customers, dedicated loads, part loads and full loads. All depends how urgent your goods are to arrive at destination. Huge drug and pharmaceutical companies are working with us as well. Their medicaments always need to arrive as quick as possible to the final consumers. With our transport and logistics, that is always possible.