Refrigerated transport is the most complicated form of international transport. All trucks must have equipment and devices that maintain the right temperature during the transport. With chain of trustful partners all around Europe we can meet any request from our customers. The products we are often transport to different destinations:

- Fruits and Vegetables

- Drugs and pharmaceuticals 

- Meat 

- Milk and products of milk

All this products need some range of temperature from - 20 C up to + 30 C. All depends from clients request.

Refrigerated transport we are providing between following countries: Germany - Serbia - Croatia - Belgium - France - The Netherlands - Czech Republic - Slovakia-Austria

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Every day we do transport of refrigerated and normal goods from Netherlands, Germany, France, and Spain to Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. Transport of goods under duty regime is performed in an interval from - 25 C to + 25 C. All vehicles are have certificates ( GDP ) for transport of frozen goods to all destinations in Germany, Austria, France, England, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden. With our satellite trucking system you are able to track your goods all the time and plan your further distribution to potential customers. Send us offer and get the best prices for transport to Serbia !



Judo Trans offers daily and weekly loads to and from Serbia with fridge  vans and trailers under great prices. Check out our excellent work for this part of Europe. We are connecting drug producers in Serbia to all customers in Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark and Sweden. Frozen vegetables, fruit and meat we are loading weekly in Germany to Serbia. With highly trained drivers and professional logistic team, our clients are confident in planning and organising their business and further trading of goods in transport. Check out our transport rates to Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania.