Removals and Relocations

Our first activity in international transport was transport of furniture and household goods . In the very beginning we start to invest slowly in the BOX trucks and vans and equipment for removals and relocations. The biggest producers of furniture entrusted their business to us. With our transport service they closed completely producing and delivery of their products to the final customers in Germany, Austria, France, England and Spain.

All German clients who needs to relocate to Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, choose Judo Trans Removals. With more than 30 trucks ,we are able to relocate people to any part of the Europe.

From Germany we do weekly relocations of furniture and household goods to France, Belgium, UK, Serbia, sweden, Denmark, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland and The Netherlands.  We provide all custom work for goods in transport. That makes our clients confident and satisfied in each point.

Send us request for your relocation  and we will provide the best transport offer for you.